Slipstream is a series designed for the reluctant or struggling reader. At the heart of the series is a really good story. We hope you agree!

Slipstream is published by Franklin Watts


Illustrated by Andrew Chiu

Tom wakes up in a strange bed, in a strange house, in a strange place. There are no phones, papers or internet, and no way out..

Where is he? And how did he get there? Can the mysterious Megan help him remember and solve the mystery?

The 2Steves Say… “Our editor rang us up and asked, ‘Can you write a book in less than 400 words. It has to have a great story, strong characters and make people want to read!’ Wow – a tough gig! But we think we’ve done it. Read it and see (and can you guess the twist at the end?!)”

Other people say… “a book children will find a great incentive to reading.”



Devil’s Teeth

Illustrated by Paul McCaffrey

When Owen agrees to go for a trip with Emma on Jeb’s boat, he has no idea how reckless Jeb can be. Now a storm is coming and they are dangerously close to the Devil’s Teeth rocks. How can Owen get them back to the shore alive?

The 2 Steves Say… “Our editor really enjoyed Wolfhold and asked us to come up with another story with a twist at the end. Can you guess what it is?”

Other People Say… “Perfect for a wide range of older readers…”




My Name is Colen

Illustrated by Sophie Escabasse

Colen is not your usual kid next door. When Becca tries to make friends, she knows things are definately not right.

Why does he never go out? Why is his uncle so strict? And why do Colen and his uncle look so similar?

The 2 Steves Say… “Wow, this is not a book for the faint hearted. There aren’t a lot of laughs in this. It’s probably the most dark story we’ve ever written…”

Other People Say… “How scary is Uncle John?!! Scary stories struggling readers will love!”